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MPS Ebay Store

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On Line check out is available on EBay.  Direct billing via PayPal and Email is less expensive.

Price List, PDF file

New production since 2014 has all been in the USA.

Some last buy SALE(!) stock of imported transformers are available until sold out.  

Most previous models can be built to order upon request.

If you need parts quickly, our EBay Store will give you access to most current inventory and shipping will generally be within 1 business day.

MPS Ebay Store


Requesting a direct Quote and PayPal Invoice

PayPal Site

Ordering by EBay is convenient, but if you need a more precise quote or are ordering several parts it can be simpler to contact us directly by E-Mail.  We can send a direct invoice to your PayPal address and offer quantity discounts.  Often the best shipping rates and lowest total costs are obtained this way.

Custom Product orders will always be worked out by E-Mail.

To Order by E-Mail send an email to detailing:

  • Products you need by Part and Quantity
  • A Zip Code or Postal Code/Country to ship to
  • Your PayPal E-Mail address
  • Pricelist and Standard Discounts are below in PDF file

We will typically respond within 24hours.  Stock Items normally ship within a day of receipt of payment.

For Custom Products please provide some details of what you are looking for including:

  • Circuit & Tubes you are looking to use
  • Input & Output Voltages for Power Transformers
  • B+ Vdc and load (mAdc) you are expecting fromPower Transformers
  • Whether you will use diode bridge or tube rectifier (details)
  • any voltages & center-taps you need for your PT heater circuits
  • OutPut Transformer Impedances for Input and Output
  • Any special mounting, powder coating or other requirements


Shipping Estimates USPS Site

SHIPPING:  Reflects 2017 USPS Price Increases  (2017 increases apply 1/22/17)
Domestic US shipment is by USPS Priority Flat Rate.
1-2 pcs $6.80 total by Flat Rate Priority
3-6 Pcs  $13.45 total by Medium Flat Rate Priority Box
7+ Pcs  contact for accurate cost

Canada shipment is by USPS Priority Flat Rate

Up to 4 Lbs $23.95 Flate Rate Priority Padded Envelope
4 to 20 Lbs $45.95 Medium Flat Rate Priority Box
20+ Lbs  contact for accurate cost

Worldwide shipment is by USPS Priority Flat Rate
Up to 4 Lbs $32.95USD
4 to 20 Lbs $66.50
20+ Lbs  contact for accurate cost
USPS 1st class mail can be under $20 for most small OT's - varies by destination.

International Shipping Notes-

  • 1 x PT190.2i, PT275.2i, OT19PP, OT20SE & OT40PP will make the 4 Lb limit for CA and Int'l shipping. 
  • PT285M, PT330M or P size will not make the 4Lb limit for Int'l Padded Flat Rate.
  • 2 x OT8SE, 2 xOT10SE, 2xOT5PP, 2xOT20PP will make the 4Lb limit
  • OT2PP and OT3SE can mail by USPS 1st class mail. Approx US costs $4.00 and Int'l $22.50USD
  • USPS Priority Mail is typically a 6-10 business day shipping route with some limited tracking.
  • Priority Padded envelope tracking just indicates data entry.  A proper shipping box is used inside the padded envelope
  • A phone number for Customs Contact is recommended on the Int'l shipment