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Welcome to Musical Power Supplies, Inc.

Musical Power Supplies, Inc. has been providing audio transformers for Vacuum Tube Guitar and Audio applications since 2006.  The designs we create and sell are original and utilize the finest audio grade laminations and proven manufacturing techniques.  New designs typically evolve from low volume manufacturing in our own US shop, to volume manufacturing sites as demand and volume grows.  Most new product is now being built in the USA or Mexico.  A core group of the most popular offerings are typically available from stock at the EBay Store, or reach out for a PayPal Invoice via email to save a few bucks in fees.


MPS EBay Store

When you are ready to order, Musical Power Supplies keeps an available inventory of Stock Items on our EBay store which is the best indicator if a prioduct is available from stock.  Additional discounts are available for single order or volume purchases via PayPal invoice  if you contact MPS directly.  All payments are processed by PayPal unless special arrangements are made by email. Custom builds are also possible and built per quote.

Product Information

Our Product Page details the electrical and mechanical details of all MPS Products.  There are a Range of Push-Pull (PP) Output Transformers, Single Ended Output Transformers (SE), Power Transformers (PT) as well as inductors available. 


Our strength is in EI Laminated transformers applied to circuits rated from 1 to 50Watts.


What's New at Musical Power Supplies

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Updates on new products in our pipeline or changes in offerings will be found on this page.

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Custom Products

Musical Power Supplies, Inc. keeps a supply of the basic bobbins, laminations, wire and tapes to build custom audio transformers up to 50VA.  We specialize in transformers for guitar amplifiers but have helped several customers with radio restoration and basic HiFi transformers.


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