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Updates 23-FEB-2024

Added an Instagram link to the landing page-   The thought is that we'll share ongoing stories on custom parts, things related to the shop, and perhaps some customer stories in that format.  A good local Amp customer has snagged my 50W JCM OT/PT transformers - I'm interested to see how that turns out.

Notes on Sales- Just a reminder that while there is an EBay Store, there is no direct MPS webstore, you can always contact us by email for a PayPal Invoice and save money on fees and US Sales Tax (except FL & TN).  Anything in stock (EBay) is available directly too.  Many of the standard guitar OT parts are on the shelf in TN in larger quantities than we keep active in EBay.

HiFi Transformers:

OT19PP-DYN35 is our Dynaco ST-35 type PP output transformer.  We have had good results with the Z11 Lam and a bobbin wound version of the original 2400Turn input winding that covers 17.5W at full load from 20Hz to 20KHz (-1dB).  We have limited lamination stock currently but should have plenty in the 2nd half of February.  It can be built with shallow covers for kit and OEM use on Dynaco chassis or with more conventional Full Mount Bells if size does not matter to your project.

There are also (2) Versions of the Dynaco 35W Power Transformer. 
1- PT325.2_DYN35 is the same size as the original Dynaco PT and weighs in just over 4LB. 
Since I use a modern 2-section bobbin for PT safety the lead exits for the mains will have the Hi Voltage or Heater leads as well - we will leave 12IN of lead wire on each PT to help with routing.
The covers are shallow to acheive the original equipment footprint and height.

2- PT330M_DYN35 is on the next larger bobbin (EI-1-1/8) and weighs in a 4.5LB.  Standard covers will be Bahrs HC200 so that the PT core is 180 degrees opposed to the OT's.  It can be ordered in FM100 vertical bells if preferred.  


Other recent New Stuff 

Working on several HiFi projects & now have an assortment of better looking covers for HiFi projects including painted and a polished plated version.


PT330M in the HC200 covers.  Replacing a laydown PT in a Deluxe type amp.


The main shop is now heated/cooled and provisioned!  We are looking forward to more great projects.