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Updates 8-MAR-2023-

Finally had to step back and update the MPS Pricelist.  Laminations have basically doubled in cost over the last 2 years, Stamped metal is doubled (since Bahrs changed hands)  & freight costs up as well.  The stock parts from MX are seeing 20% increases as a result too and we can't absorb it all. 

Changes will flow to the EBay store over the next week or so. 
New direct orders will use the PayPal pricing.  

As a general rule we keep standard or 'extra' parts available from stock in the EBay store. 
If something is not currently on-hand in the EBay store then you can get make-to-order parts scheduled per current backlog  using an email request and PayPal direct payment.  (As a SMALL business MPS is not required to collect US sales tax except for FL and TN where we have a legal presence- EBay as a LARGE business does collect US Sales tax for most states).


HiFi Transformers:
Working through some HiFi testing with specific customers involved in SE and Dynaco type transformers.  This is getting us more education in frequency response curves.  On paper and at lower test voltages most of the MPS "HF" offerings look good at 30Hz-20KHz or 40-20KHz. But we're also working thru the winding techniques from the 50's & to see if we can't get an accurate picture at full amp power performance for the ST-35 type PP output transformer.  So far getting down to 20Hz at rated load on a PP HiFi xfmr seems to double the required iron (@$7/LB delivered!) from that 30-40Hz unit.  Still verifying if & how "Paracoupling" winding interleaves pays off under test loads.  More to follow.



The main shop is now heated/cooled and provisioned!  We are looking forward to more great projects.

OT19PP-DYN-USA- 8K:4,8 ohm USA built OT Dynaco35 HiFi amplifier Kits-  EI-1 size 22VA version

OT22PP-DYN-USA- 8K:4,8 ohm USA built OT Dynaco35 HiFi amplifier Kits-  EI-1-1/8 size 30VA version

OT43PP_DYN70 (USA)- 4K6:4,8 ohm USA built OT fuse in Dynaco 70 HiFi amplifier Kits

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