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Updates 4-NOV-2023-

Notes on Sales- Just a reminder that while there is no direct MPS webstore, you can always contact us by email for a PayPal Invoice and save money on fees and US Sales Tax (except FL & TN).  Anything in stock (EBay) is available directly too.  Many of the standard guitar OT parts are on the shelf in TN in larger quantities than we keep active in EBay.

Updated the PRICELIST.  Not a lot of adjustments since March.... but the next lot of MX Guitar OT's will indicate a future ~10% price increase in 2024.  Added a few new items and deleted some obsolete items/versions.

HiFi Transformers:

OT19PP-DYN35 is our Dynaco ST-35 type PP output transformer. Up to 18th version on this development.  We have a full 20W power from 20Hz to 20KHz. on a 7 section bobbin wind.  The last version replaces 29M6 steel with Z09 or Z11 from Asia- if we can locate a source we will probably move that direction as the performance improvement across the frequency range is significant.  It allows me to replicate the 2400T ST-35 input windings per the Audio Karma teardown.  If we can't get Z11.....v17 with 29M6 is not bad, just a bit of compromise on 'supersonics" above 20KHz at power.

Picked up a CNC winder this month to get better pitch control for HiFi.  We'll be working on those processes soon.  Might be possible to tool up a winding arbor for a 1 x 1.5IN stick.

Other parts:

Larger MARSHALL OT/PT transformers for JTM-45 and JCM-50 were developed working with a custom part customer.  They are in the EBay Store and listed on the new pricelist.   I still don't do laydown PT's, but in HC300 covers the total above-chassis skyline on the PT345P and PT350P is workable for most standard heads or combo boxes.  Keep the magnetics outside chassis!


PT330M in the HC200 covers.  Replacing a laydown PT in a Deluxe type amp.


The main shop is now heated/cooled and provisioned!  We are looking forward to more great projects.

OT19PP-DYN-USA- 8K:4,8 ohm USA built OT Dynaco35 HiFi amplifier Kits-  EI-1 size 22VA version

OT22PP-DYN-USA- 8K:4,8 ohm USA built OT Dynaco35 HiFi amplifier Kits-  EI-1-1/8 size 30VA version

OT43PP_DYN70 (USA)- 4K6:4,8 ohm USA built OT fuse in Dynaco 70 HiFi amplifier Kits