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Updates 15-JAN-2023-

SHOP:  New shop has been up and running now since the Fall.  I've Retired from my day job and turning up capabilities to custom build parts and develop new models for outside builds.  It's great to have a larger space to work out of & time to do it.  For now we're content to keep the stock offerings in the EBay Store and taking on custom projects via PayPal.  I have figured out local tax licensing for TN now and am able to arrange local pickup or delivery in the Nashville area both via EBay and PayPal/Venmo.  I suppose it's almost time to rationalize the website too and make it easier to figure out!

HiFi: In December/January I've picked up an oscilloscope and am now working through a Dynaco "Para-Coupled" winding process from the 1950's for the 17.5W HiFi OT's.  Hope to apply this to the ST-35 set (OT19PP_DYN35) shortly.  May make sense for the standard OT20PP-HF-8K and 6K6 versions if I put UL taps on as standard. 

I'd like to create frequency curves for all the offerings.  I was surprised recently when one customer got nice response out of the OT5PP for a small bass amp (Youtube added today).  On paper I've worked to -1db rolloff points based upon design formulas.  

OTHER PROJECTS:  will include:
 Larger HiFi Single-ended OT's
2-  Push Pull OT's in the 50-60W range once I get some larger Bahrs covers
3-  Frequency Response curves for HiFi,  then get these for the standard guitar OT's.



The main shop is now heated/cooled and provisioned!  We are looking forward to more great projects.

OT19PP-DYN-USA- 8K:4,8 ohm USA built OT Dynaco35 HiFi amplifier Kits-  EI-1 size 22VA version

OT22PP-DYN-USA- 8K:4,8 ohm USA built OT Dynaco35 HiFi amplifier Kits-  EI-1-1/8 size 30VA version

OT43PP_DYN70 (USA)- 4K6:4,8 ohm USA built OT fuse in Dynaco 70 HiFi amplifier Kits

Other Projects