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Musical Power Supplies was actually started as a hobby.  We know how to make high quality transformers from over 25 years of military and commercial magnetics experience.  When we started building vacuum tube guitar amps in 2004/2005 we already had the equipment to develop and prototype designs for our own projects.  A series of Power and Output Transformers evolved that are intended to offer a wider range of features and functions than 'replacement' parts. 

Newer models like the OT2PP, OT5PP Plus, OT19PP and PT285M evolved from custom builds in our USA shop driven from our customers.  When the demand hits critical mass we transition to our proven suppliers, to get the best possible pricing. Minimum quantity for a custom run of magnetics is typically 50 to 100pcs.

We are frequently building variations of our OT and PT products on the following size bobbin/lamination sets:

EI62 - Output xfmrs up to 5VA

EI75 - Output Xfmrs up to 12VA

EI87-  Output Xfmrs up to 22VA & PT's up to 20VA

EI100- Output Xfmrs up to 45VA & PT's up to 65VA

EI112- Output Xfmrs up to 60VA and PT's up to 85VA

EI125- Output Xfmrs up to 70VA and PT's up to 90VA

We can generally come up with something usable to fix that great harp amp you found at that yard sale.....

You too can request a quote or engage us in a conversation about a Custom Transformer.  If it fits into the range of available materials we have access to, we may be able to do something great for you. 



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